About Us

FDCPA Compliance is a department of National Credit Solutions. We are dedicated to helping Clients who are receiving communications from debt collectors. The FDCPA protects consumers whenever a debt collector is communicating with them.  The goal of our Compliance Department is to determine if any laws have been broken and, if so, to work with our Client in order to prepare a possible case.  If the case is considered to be viable, it is then turned over to an attorney who specializes in FDCPA cases.

 Important things to consider

  • If you receive correspondence in the mail from a Debt Collector, do not discard or destroy.  There are potential violations even in correspondence via the US Mail.
  • Voicemail messages from debt collectors sometimes contain violations. Be sure to save all voicemail messages you receive from a debt collector and forward to NCS.  Do not delete!
  • If you are receiving phone calls from phone numbers you don't recognize, feel free to call our FDCPA Compliance Department to determine if a debt collector may be calling you.

Calls and voicemail messages don't have to be threatening or scary in order to be illegal. Below, you will find actual voicemail messages left by collectors that sound 100% legal.